No Bank Needed

We enable you to live without a bank account, we accept crypto for property, products and services.


We work with high net worth individuals and are happy to prepare and sign a NDA when working with you.

Property Without Risk

Our company will prepare 100% of the bankers draft to purchase a property with just a 5% deposit from you.

Various Crypto Payments for Various Needs

Payments accepted :

Property for

Diversify out of cryptocurrency and directly into properties with Crypto Expat. Our service lets you purchase from any developer or seller securely with confidence.

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Cash Out

We can buy your cryptocurrency at the best possible rates in the UAE. We have a large liquidity pool and are ready 24/7 to assist you with your needs.

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UAE Visa for

Live in paradise with a UAE Visa. We can help with company formation which includes a visa in the UAE for cryptocurrency.

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UAE Business for

OTC crypto trades are private deals for buying and selling digital assets and they boast multiple benefits. We enable crypto for businesses in the UAE.

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OTC Crypto

OTC crypto trades are private deals for buying and selling digital assets and they boast multiple benefits. Crypto Expat are experts in this field.

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Legacy banking is about to be disrupted by the innovative technologies of digital assets, until the shift to the blockchain happens we can assist you in legacy banking needs.

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Live tax free in the safest most advance country in the world and spend crypto with no issue.

Thanks to its openness to trade and low taxes, the United Arab Emirates has the 10th-freest economy in the world, according to the Index of Economic Freedom.

Governments in the UAE openly encourage foreign investment, and cities like Dubai are well known for their entrepreneurial spirit.

Every step along your journey we will be there with our expertise.

We will help you from beginning to end with all your crypto expat needs from financial to visa’s and property Crypto Expat are the experts in the UAE.

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