About Us


Crypto Expat is the one-stop concierge service for the crypto expats in the United Arab Emirates, cash out, buy properties. Eliminating third-party institutions such as banks is vital in the present times. You are the keeper of your own wealth with the help of crypto.


We live in times of enormous innovation, and businesses have to hop in the crypto and the blockchain wagon if they want to succeed and get a tax-free visa, all with cryptocurrency, no bank required.


There is an increasing need for shifting from the traditional to the digital life, and this is what buying and selling using crypto provides. It’s the bridge between the past and the future, and we’re here to introduce you to the journey of your life.


Dealing in crypto saves you a lot of time, and UAE’s requirements to buy properties using digital coins are clear and concise.


Crypto Expat service allows you to purchase properties from any developer or seller while being able to enjoy maximum security and confidence.


This is what cryptocurrencies are all about: you are the owner of your money, and the security of your wealth has never been closer.


Cryptocurrencies became the peak of tech innovation, and UAE is the best place for enthusiasts.


With Crypto Expat, you have a vast range of options that allow you to purchase properties with crypto. You can also trade crypto and enjoy various VIP services.