Why crypto?


Cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology, the blockchain are the future. Businesses who want to be a part of the future will confidently ride this innovation wave, or else – they will be left behind. Crypto is focused on giving individuals back their power – power over their money and ownership of their wealth. Let no one have their eyes on what’s yours. Be your own bank and custodian of your own wealth.


Why chose the UAE?


UAE is one of the most luxurious and desired locations on the planet. This heaven on Earth is also crypto enthusiasts’ paradise for multiple reasons – this is the place where you want to spend your wealth and live your life.


More than that, UAE recently introduced the Blockchain Strategy 2021. This aims to support foreign entrepreneurs making the best of trade and business in the crypto industry and more. 50% of all government transactions will be conducted using blockchain technology. UAE has become one of the most important supporters of crypto and blockchain adoption. UAE introduced favorable measures that will boost digital assets trading.


Why use our services?


Crypto Expat is the one-stop concierge service for crypto expats in the UAE. We’ve been in the crypto and blockchain industry for enough time to understand our clients’ needs. We can deliver their requests in a flawless manner.


How can we help?


We offer cashing out services without having to struggle. Our experts help you with all the necessary moves for cashing out, buying properties, and getting a tax-free visa – it’s all with crypto. We can take care of all bureaucracy while you focus on what’s really important – your wealth and liquidities.


Why trust us?


Trust Crypto Expat because we understand the importance of giving you back the financial power – you are the owner of your wealth without having third parties such as banks involved.
Important note: for managers’ cheques, we only require a 10% deposit to produce the cheque; for cash, it’s all counted and done in person – no third parties involved.